Live English Grammar: -: Student's

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Live English Grammar is a graded grammar series consisting of four books. This highly exciting series adopts an innovative approach to presenting and practicing grammar, which enables learners to acquire it naturally. This book is designed for students at -intermediate level.

Castrol Edge 0W 30

New English File: -intermediate: Workbook

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The -intermediate course that gets students talking, and that helps teachers and students more than any other. Рекомендуем!

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New English File: -intermediate: Workbook (+ CD-ROM)

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The -intermediate course that gets students talking, and that helps teachers and students more than any other.

Доппельгерц Рыбий Жир

New English File: -: Workbook (+ CD-ROM)

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The -intermediate course that gets students talking, and that helps teachers and students more than any other. К изданию прилагается брошюра "- Workbook Key". Рекомендуем!

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Dooley J. Blockbuster 3. . -. (International). Учебник

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Blockbuster 3 is designed for learners studying English at - level. The course follows the principles of the Common European Framework of Reference, Level B1.

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Skillful Reading and Writing Teacher's + Digibook: -intermediate Level

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Skillful -intermediate/Level 1 Reading and Writing Teacher's + Digibook

Еврочехол Для Дивана

Market Leader: -intermediate: Business English Teacher's Resource (+ CD-ROM)

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Вашему вниманию предлагается издание "Market Leader: -intermediate: Business English Teacher's Resource (+ CD-ROM)".

Шампунь Rth Отзывы

Double Dealing: - Business English Course Teacher's

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Вашему вниманию предлагается книга "Double Dealing: - Business English Course Teacher's ".

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Technical English 2: Course

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Level 2 is designed for students who require a pre-intermediate course in Technical English (CEF level A2 - B1).

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Matrix: -: Teacher's

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The Matrix series prepares secondary students for school-leaving examinations in English.

Современные Российские Режиссеры Список

English for International Tourism New Edition: -: Class CD (аудиокурс на 2 CD)

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The class CDs contain all the audio to use with the ' book.

ProFile: - 1: Student's (+ CD-ROM)

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The course that helps students to communicate with people across departments and across industry sectors.

Evans V. Reading Writing 3. Teacher`s book. -

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Вашему вниманию предлагается книга для учителя "Reading & Writing Targets 3: Teacher's ". Reading & Writing Targets 3, for learners of English at - level, provides systematic development of students’ reading and writing skills. The book consists of 18 units and is planned to be taught in 40 - 45 teaching hours. The topics of the units have been carefully selected to appeal to and motivate learners at - level. Each unit begins with a text, based on a real-life communicative situation, which not only develops reading skills but also serves as a model for the students’ own written work.

New Cutting Edge: -: Teacher's Resource (+ CD-ROM)

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New Cutting Edge - Teacher's Resource gives teachers everything they need to use the course successfully in a variety of teaching situations. Step-by-step Teacher's notes with suggestions for alternative procedures and extension activities Teacher's tips section with practical ideas on teaching vocabulary and grammar, using the Mini-dictionary and making speaking tasks work Photocopiable Resource bank with up to 30 hours of additional material to consolidate and extend the ' . It includes learner-training worksheets, communication activities and progress tests. New Cutting Edge - takes students from A2 to B1 level of the Common European Framework.

Evans V. Upstream: -: Teacher`s

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Oil and Gas 2: Student

Цена: 1462 руб.


A pre-intermediate course for students studying for a career in the oil and gas industries, who will need English to communicate at work. A new, up-to-date course where students learn the English they need for a career in commerce, tourism, nursing, medicine, or technology. Oxford English for Careers is a series which prepares pre-work students for starting their career. Everything in each Student is vocation specific, which means students get the language, information, and skills they need to help them get a job in their chosen career.

Total English: -: Workbook: With Key (+ CD-ROM)

Цена: 615 руб.


Total English -intermediate Workbook contains further practice of key language areas covered in the ' : Additional grammar, vocabulary, skills and pronunciation exercises consolidate and extend language. Four Review and consolidation sections enable teachers to assess learners' progress. Vocabulary bank encourages learners to record key words and phrases and build on what they know.

Just Right: -: Student's (+ CD-ROM)

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The Just Right course is a five-level general English course for adults and young adults. learn in different ways. Just Right seamlessly integrates different approaches, motivating students and encouraging them to learn rapidly.

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