Redston C. Face2Face -intermediate with DVD-ROM / 2nd Edition

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Live English Grammar: -: Student's

Цена: 879 руб.


Live English Grammar is a graded grammar series consisting of four books. This highly exciting series adopts an innovative approach to presenting and practicing grammar, which enables learners to acquire it naturally. This book is designed for students at -intermediate level.

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New English File: -: Workbook (+ CD-ROM)

Цена: 896 руб.


The -intermediate course that gets students talking, and that helps teachers and students more than any other. К изданию прилагается брошюра "- Workbook Key".

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-: Teacher's (+ DVD-ROM)

Цена: 1980 руб.


Пособие для учителя пятиуровневого курса английского язы­ка CHOICES PRE-INTERMEDIATE: TEACHER'S BOOK является частью УМК, включающего учебное пособие по английскому языку, рабочую тетрадь с CD-диском, онлайновое приложение MyEnglishLab. К пособию для учителя прилагается мультимедийное приложение на DVD-диске, CD-диски для работы в классе и приложение для интерактивной доски. Предназначено для обучения в 7 и 8 классах общеобразовательных учреждений. Пособие подготовлено к изданию при участии Издательского цен­тра ВЕНТАНА-ГРАФ.

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: - Student's / Английский язык. Учебное пособие + Language Choice

Цена: 945 руб.


Учебное пособие пятиуровневого курса английского языка "" предназначено для обучения в 7 и 8 классах общеобразовательных учреждений. Пособие подготовлено к изданию при участии Издательского центра "Вентана-Граф".

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Dooley J. Blockbuster 3. . -. (International). Учебник

Цена: 1325 руб.


Blockbuster 3 is designed for learners studying English at - level. The course follows the principles of the Common European Framework of Reference, Level B1.

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Reilly P. New Opportunities Russian Edition - book

Цена: 1685 руб.


Курс Opportunities рекомеднован Министерством образования Российской Федерации.Издание полностью на английском языке.Пятиуровневый курс для подростков (Beginner- начальный, Elementary, - - ниже среднего, - средний, Upper - выше среднего).Этот курс поможет эффективно подготовить учащихся к сдаче ЕГЭ ( Единый государственный экзамен) по английскому языку.Language Powerbook - рабочая тетрадь.

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Skillful -intermediate/Level 1 Reading and Writing Teacher's + Digibook

Цена: 4019 руб.


Skillful -intermediate/Level 1 Reading and Writing Teacher's + Digibook

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Double Dealing: - Business English Course Teacher's

Цена: 668 руб.


Вашему вниманию предлагается книга "Double Dealing: - Business English Course Teacher's ".

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English for International Tourism New Edition: -: Class CD (аудиокурс на 2 CD)

Цена: 2824 руб.


The class CDs contain all the audio to use with the ' book.

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Technical English 2: Course

Цена: 1470 руб.


Level 2 is designed for students who require a pre-intermediate course in Technical English (CEF level A2 - B1).

Matrix: -: Teacher's

Цена: 1792 руб.


The Matrix series prepares secondary students for school-leaving examinations in English.

Cutting Edge: -: Workbook

Цена: 855 руб.


New Cutting Edge combines the comprehensive syllabus and reliable teaching resources that have made the course so popular with brand-new features, making it even fresher and easier to use. New Cutting Edge - Workbook consolidates and extends the language taught in the ' . Grammar exercises give students useful practice and build confidence; Vocabulary boosters and Wordspots build on the lexical areas covered in the ' ; Listen and read and Improve your writing sections develop skills; Pronunciation sections focus on the sounds and the features of natural speech.

Language to Go: - (аудиокурс CD)

Цена: 273 руб.


Language to go is a four-level course with international appeal for adult learners of English. It is available at Elementary, -, and Upper levels, each offering 40-60 teaching hours. It is the ideal course for the busy student, and can be used on short or intensive courses. At each level the components are the ' with Phrasebook, Class Cassette/CD, and Teacher's Resource .

New Cutting Edge: -: Teacher's Resource (+ CD-ROM)

Цена: 2230 руб.


New Cutting Edge - Teacher's Resource gives teachers everything they need to use the course successfully in a variety of teaching situations. Step-by-step Teacher's notes with suggestions for alternative procedures and extension activities Teacher's tips section with practical ideas on teaching vocabulary and grammar, using the Mini-dictionary and making speaking tasks work Photocopiable Resource bank with up to 30 hours of additional material to consolidate and extend the ' . It includes learner-training worksheets, communication activities and progress tests. New Cutting Edge - takes students from A2 to B1 level of the Common European Framework.

Evans V. Reading Writing 3. Teacher`s book. -

Цена: 427 руб.


Вашему вниманию предлагается книга для учителя "Reading & Writing Targets 3: Teacher's ". Reading & Writing Targets 3, for learners of English at - level, provides systematic development of students’ reading and writing skills. The book consists of 18 units and is planned to be taught in 40 - 45 teaching hours. The topics of the units have been carefully selected to appeal to and motivate learners at - level. Each unit begins with a text, based on a real-life communicative situation, which not only develops reading skills but also serves as a model for the students’ own written work.

New Headway: Upper-: Student`s

Цена: 1436 руб.


"New Headway: Upper-: Student`s " takes the successful "Headway" series into an exciting new era. It introduces new features to challenge adult and young adult students and ensure that learning English is interesting and motivating. The course combines the best of traditional methods with more recent approaches, to help students use English both accurately and fluently. Learners at the upper-intermediate level require a different approach. It is no longer appropriate to examine language items in isolation. In "New Headway Upper-", grammatical areas are treated in greater depth so that students begin to perceive the systems that underlie the language. This new upper-intermediate course provides around 120 hours of language learning. It follows on from "New Headway ", and together with "Headway Elementary", "Headway -", and "Headway Advanced", provides a fully comprehensive language teaching series.

Total English: -: Workbook: With Key (+ CD-ROM)

Цена: 736 руб.


Total English -intermediate Workbook contains further practice of key language areas covered in the ' : Additional grammar, vocabulary, skills and pronunciation exercises consolidate and extend language. Four Review and consolidation sections enable teachers to assess learners' progress. Vocabulary bank encourages learners to record key words and phrases and build on what they know.

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